EDITORIAL – For a constructivist society in Amazon, by Paula Litaiff

Early childhood: decisive phase that influences autonomy in adulthood (Press Office)

By Paula Litaiff

Boa Vista/RR – The biggest challenge of every public manager is to promote policies that develop an autonomous society and, according to scientific records, this is only possible by dealing correctly with the first phase of human life, using methods that go beyond the “decorative” and follow currents such as the “constructivist” of Jean Piaget (1896-1989).

Piaget was revolutionary of his time in analyzing the construction of knowledge and argued that childhood experiences were essential to the development of knowledge. Before him, Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) demonstrated, in his work “Emilio”, that for society to have a capable adult, it is necessary that “its” children be treated as such and with freedom to better obtain knowledge.


Research in scientific areas, such as neuroscience, developmental psychology, and on the impacts of public policies aimed at childhood, point out that the period of greatest possibilities for the formation of human skills occurs between gestation and six years.

In CENARIUM MAGAZINE’s research on the history of administrative management in the Amazon, the capital of Roraima State, Boa Vista, was the first one in which a manager began to prioritize what the great thinkers and scientists have been advocating for more than 300 years. This process took place during the five municipal administrations of Teresa Surita, a tourismologist and manager.

The result of Surita’s psychopedagogical administration has earned, for the first time, a northern capital, Boa Vista, the Unicef Seal – a certificate of the United Nations Children’s Fund, which recognized real and positive advances in the promotion, achievement, and guarantee of the rights of children and adolescents through the “Family that welcomes” project.

To get an idea of the importance of early childhood for Surita, Roraima’s main tourist attraction and one of the best known in the Amazon, the Parque do Rio Branco, was planned based on European architectural technique to cater to the psychomotor development of children up to the age of 6.

Considering Boa Vista’s example, the CENARIUM MAGAZINE decided to make a special issue about the importance of a strategic administration focused on the human being and its reflexes for a society that, after a constructivist process, can be independent in thinking and acting.

Cover of the May/2022 issue of Cenarium Magazine:

Teresa Surita, former mayor of Boa Visa (RR), idealized the “Welcoming Family” project (Press Office)

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