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Mencius Melo – From Cenarium

MANAUS – An unusual video is circulating in the web universe and drawing attention. The case happened in the city of Quezon, in the Philippines. During the pruning of a tree, a man discovers that, in one of the branches, two large snakes are housed. The pythons apparently measuring more than three meters fall as soon as the branch is hit by the saw. On impact, snakes spread.

It is in that moment that the surreal happens. The minute the snakes crawl through the mud, one of the men jumps over the animals in an attempt to immobilize them. Then there is a struggle to grab the snakes. The detail is that the man in the video holds the first snake in one hand and, then tries to grab the second.

The strategy to immobilize the second reptile happens in a matter of seconds. The reaction of the snakes is automatic and they begin to curl up in the man’s arms. The fight ends only when other men help the first man to get rid of the reptiles. In the following moments, the animals are immobilized and placed in two plastic bags that were handed over to the environmental authorities.

The snakes climbed the tree seeking to escape the floods but were unable to descend after the waters subsided. The man reported that he was stung during the capture but that it was nothing serious.

Watch the video:

Don’t try this …

Biologist Fabiano Gazzi watched the video and recommended not to repeat the daring. “The correct procedure in the case of visualizing a snake in an urban environment is to call the authorities, in this case, the firefighters who have their own training and material for the capture, such as hooks and cages”, advised the scientist.

Another detail is the origin of the species. “Pythons are not venomous snakes, which reduced the risk of accidents as occurred with the gardener”, he detailed. “From the same family as the pythons are anacondas and boa constrictors, both occur in Brazil. They have no poison, they kill by constriction, squeezing the victim until he can no longer breathe”, he explained.

For Fabiano Gazzi, despite accidents in urban areas, the result of real estate expansion in many cities around the world, which reduces the habitat of many species, snakes have a primary role in nature. “Snakes are important in several functions in the environment, such as pest control”, concluded the biologist.

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