AM Elections: new Iveritas poll shows a 17.9% difference between Lima and Braga in the second round

Wilson Lima appears, again, in the lead of the second round of elections for the state government, with 17.9% ahead of his opponent Eduardo Braga (Art:Mateus Moura)
Marcela Leiros – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – The governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima (União Brasil), appears, again, in the lead in the second round of elections for the state government, with 17.9% ahead of his opponent, Senator Eduardo Braga (MDB), according to electoral research Institute Iveritas released on Tuesday, 18. The president has 58.95% of the valid votes, and Braga has 41.05%.

This is the fourth survey that shows the lead of Wilson Lima in the dispute in the second round. On Monday, 17, a new Real Time Big Data survey also showed that Wilson Lima maintains the lead, with 58% of the valid votes. The result had already been pointed out by two other research institutes confirming that Wilson maintains a large advantage ahead of Senator Eduardo Braga.

See below the percentage:

Difference in valid votes between Wilson Lima and Eduardo Braga, in Amazonas (Reproduction/ Iveritas Institute)

The Iveritas Institute survey was conducted from October 6 to 10, in Manaus and ten other municipalities in the interior of the state (Iranduba, Manacapuru, Presidente Figueiredo, Rio Preto da Eva, Itacoatiara, Maués, Parintins, Autazes, Coari, and Tefé). A total of 2,912 voters were interviewed in person.


The estimated confidence level is 95% and the maximum margin of error, based on a simple random sample (SSA), is about 2.5 percentage points more or less than the sample totals.

The countryside

In the Amazonas countryside, the estimulated survey – the one in which the interviewee is given a choice – shows that Wilson Lima also leads with 58.36% and Eduardo Braga has 41.64%. Only in the state capital, the governor has 59.47% of the preference of voters, against 40.53% of the senator.

Dispute for the government in the countryside of Amazonas (Reproduction/ Instituto Iveritas)


Besides the Real Time Big Data survey, released on Monday, and held on 14 and 15 October, two other surveys were released in this round: from Pontual Pesquisas and one from O Convergente.

According to the Pontual Pesquisas survey, released on Friday, October 14, Wilson Lima has 58% of the valid votes against 42% for Senator Eduardo Braga (MDB), an advantage of 16 percentage points.

Research of O Convergente, released on the last day 11, also evaluated the scenario for the second round of elections in Amazonas. In it, the governor had 58.1% of the valid votes. His opponent Eduardo Braga had 41.9% of the vote intention.

Check out the survey in full:

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