‘Amazonas My Home’: governor signs contracts with five companies that will offer more than one thousand properties

The five terms of accreditation were signed on the morning of Tuesday 23rd (23.jan.24 - Ricardo Oliveira/Revista Cenarium)
Marcela Leiros – From Cenarium

MANAUS (AM) – On Tuesday, the governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima (União Brasil), signed five contracts with construction companies in Amazonas that will offer 1,100 housing units in 13 projects under the “Amazonas My Home Program”. The companies that signed the terms of registration are Construtora Capital, Direcional, Olá Empreendimentos, MRV and Mais Lar.

The program aims to offer 24,044 housing solutions and regularize 33,000 properties. According to the state government, so far more than 150,000 people have registered to receive the subsidy. The 1,100 recipients are expected to be announced in February.

Governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima signs accreditation term (23.jan.24 – Ricardo Oliveira/Revista Cenarium)

Governor Wilson Lima highlighted the challenge of promoting a housing policy in Amazonas, specifically in the capital, Manaus, considering that the city suffers from disorderly occupations.


“We have a social dynamic combined with the very peculiar characteristics of our region, which imposes some challenges on us. This leads us to the conclusion that there is no single solution or easy solution to solving the housing problem. The program we are launching can’t solve the problem, but it eases it and establishes a very secure path so that we can, above all, give dignity to these people who will be covered by this program”, he explains.


Housing solutions include the delivery of apartments, land, indemnities, bonuses or, as in the case of this signing, the complementation by the Government of Amazonas of the down payment that must be given by the buyer when purchasing a property financed with funds from the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS), under the Minha Casa, Minha Vida federal program. This amount can vary from R$30,000 to R$35,000.

The housing units in this line of assistance are intended for families in Band 1 – gross monthly income of up to R$ 2,640.00 – and Band 2 – gross monthly income of R$2,640.01 to R$ 4,400.00 – and are eligible for the state allowance.

Prosamim housing, part of the “Amazonas My Home” program. (Tiago Corrêa/UGPE)

The vice-president of the Association of Real Estate Market Companies in the State of Amazonas (Ademi), Hélio Alexandre, pointed out that the main challenge for companies is in relation to this value, since many families can’t afford it.

“This signal complements the difficulties we have when it comes to selling. The person is going to buy, they have the income, they have the desire, but they don’t have the down payment. And the governor has complemented this through the state, through the state budget signal”, he said, pointing out that the Amazonas My Home Program is already the largest public housing policy in the state.

“I think, governor, that Amazonas Meu Lar will undoubtedly be the biggest housing policy you have created in this state. When your term ends, any governor will have to continue it”, he concludes.

Edited by Jefferson Ramos
Reviewed by Gustavo Gilona
Translated by Bruno Sena

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