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Paula Litaiff – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – A year ago, the governor of the state of Amazonas, Wilson Lima (PSC), found himself in a turbulent phase, in which the “chiefs” of the state were more concerned in removing him from office than in solving the crises generated by the pandemic in a scenario that resembled a script of a Brazilian soap opera. Lima managed to regain institutional support and, so far, has been recreating new chapters of his mandate.

The turnaround was confirmed in the last government event, on the 12th, when the modernization work of AM-010 (which connects the city of Manaus to Itacoatiara) was launched and was attended by 31 of the 62 mayors of Amazonas and more than half of the lawmakers of the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas (Aleam), besides other authorities.

In August 2020, the governor was fighting against a request for impeachment from antagonistic actors in the midst of a police operation and, along with all this, his management was responding to the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) of Health, which, despite being created to investigate 11 years of state management, focused on his government. The fierce opposition focused on the upcoming municipal elections.

Attached to the attack of adversaries from outside the government, Lima had, under the same work roof, conspirators, among them the vice-governor, Carlos Almeida, responsible for the abrupt rupture between the Executive and Legislative branches in the first semester of last year. The split generated delays in voting on important projects for the population.

Among political collusion and institutional conflicts, the governor obtained the dismissal of the impeachment for lack of evidence, presented a defense to the accusations of the police operation, and, after deciding to be the government’s own articulator, reestablished relations with state and federal congressmen, mayors, and leaders of entities representing civil society.

Allied mayors

At the event in Itacoatiara, drew attention to the diversity of political parties of 31 mayors / vice mayors from the interior of the Amazonas present at the ceremony. Among them, there were affiliates of legends, whose leaders are opponents of Governor Wilson Lima, as the MDB, Senator Eduardo Braga, and Democrats, a legend that housed Amazonino Mendes, both possible candidates for the state government next year.

Besides the MDB and Democrats, the ceremony included municipal managers of the PSD, of Senator Omar Aziz, president of the Covid’s CPI in Congress; of the PL, the legend of the vice-president of the House of Representatives, Congressman Marcelo Ramos, as well as mayors of the Republican, Progressive, PT parties and Wilson Lima’s own party, the PSC.

Party membership

The approval of the main municipal leaders of the Amazon to the management of the governor of Amazonas occurs in the same week that came to light information about the number of parties that Lima has support. The number reaches nine, which in addition to his own, the PSC, are the PRTB, PRB, Pros, Podemos, PL, Progressives, Avante and PMN, removed from an ally of Amazonino, the businessman Orsine Junior.

Amazonino himself had to abandon, a month ago, the party to which he was affiliated, the Podemos, after Wilson Lima, with the support of parliamentarians Aleam articulate – via the National Executive – the state direction of the legend and deliver it to Mr Abdala Fraxe, ally of the mayor of Manaus, David Almeida (Avante).

Almeida, who was present at the event in Itacoatiara, largely owes his election in the capital in 2020 to governor Wilson Lima. If he has his word and manages to regain popular support, he will be a strategic player in the electoral chess of 2022, a choice which will be decided, essentially, by the empathy of the voter to the candidate’s personality added to his actions.

New chapters

The work in the third largest city in Amazonas is economically strategic. With the injection of R$ 360 million in the paving of 250.4 kilometers of AM-010, the work will benefit seven municipalities, besides Itacoatiara, such as Manaus, Rio Preto da Eva, Silves, Itapiranga, Urucurituba, Urucará, and São Sebastião do Uatumã. The Government of Amazonas estimates to generate at least 10 thousand jobs.

Besides new jobs, the paving of the AM-010 will improve logistics for the flow of rural production, contribute to the strengthening of tourism, and provide opportunities for new real estate enterprises.

Despite the institutional/political scenario under control, Wilson Lima needs to write new chapters of his administration and he is aware that, in the conception of the new history, he cannot give in to pressures, because, only this way, he will continue to be the protagonist of his government.


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