Embezzlers in Ceará pretended to be judges of the Amazonas to apply scams

People are arrested in operation against fraud in Ceará (Reprodução/SSP)
Ívina Garcia – from Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – Five people involved in swindling were arrested on the morning of Tuesday, 6, in the state of Ceará. They pretended to be judges of the Amazonas, Acre and Pernambuco. According to the advisory of the Court of Justice of the State of Amazonas (Tjam), the name of the judge João de Jesus Abdala Simoes was used to collect dividends on charter processes.

The arrests were made through an operation launched jointly by the civil police of Ceará (PC-CE) and Amazonas (PCAM). The prisoners were identified as Francisco Marcelo Loureiro, 32 years; Francisco Marcos Tomé de Souza, 35; Manuel Paiva da Silva Junior, 58; Ricardo da Silva Junior, 26; and Vanessa de Oliveira Nogueira, 33. They will answer for swindling and will be available to the Judiciary of Ceará.

In all, the PC-CE must fulfill ten arrest warrants and ten search and seizure warrants in Fortaleza, Caucaia, Maracanaú and in the countryside of Ceará.


See the video of the arrest of one of those involved:

Also according to the advisory Tjam, the scams began in late 2021 and the Court came to warn the population about the criminal practice applied by email or WhatsApp messages. “Nothing is done by phone calls or via WhatsApp messages and / or other applications, as well as payments of Precatórios are not made by Alvarás”, said the note.

The delegate Denis Pinho, holder of the Specialized Police Department in Repression of Cyber Crimes (Dercc), says that the specialist was already four months investigating the action of the group. “They claimed to need to collect some fees in the amounts of R$ 4,000 to R$ 15,000, referring to the release of court permits, on behalf of people who had actions underway in court. The victims deposited the money, believing that they were sending the values to Justice”, he explained.

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The arrests were made through an operation launched jointly by the civil police of Ceará and Amazonas (Reproduction/SSP)


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