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MANAUS – The president of the City Council of Manaus (CMM), David Reis (Avante), published in the Official Journal of the City (DOM) the suspension of the bidding for the annex building of the House, which was valued at R$ 32 million, after being the target of pressure from councilors Amom Mandel (no party) and Rodrigo Guedes (PSC), last week. According to the president of the House, David Reis, this would be a work used to instrument the work of the councilmen of Manaus.

According to Rodrigo Guedes, Manaus has an abandoned fair and an Olympic swimming pool that are behind the CMM itself and have not received investments for a long time. “Spending all this money on councilors’ offices is a waste of public money, knowing the needs that the capital of Amazonas suffers”, said Guedes, in a live broadcast last week. Amom also states that there are 51 offices in the ‘annex’ and that Manaus will only have 51 councilors when it reaches a population between 6 and 7 million inhabitants and, according to the census of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), not even in 2060 Manaus will have this amount of population.


The Justice of the Amazon, through the judge on duty Marcelo da Costa Vieira, attended, on Friday, 17, a request from the councilmen to stop the construction of the annex II building of the City Council of Manaus, also known as “puxadinho”, in english “little annex”, which had the cost value evaluated at almost $ 32 million. According to the decision, the daily fine is R $ 100 thousand for anyone who does not comply with the measure.

With the value of R$ 31,979,575.63, according to the Bidding Notice 001/2021, which provides the conditions for the bidding process for hiring an engineering company, the work should house the servers and parliamentarians of the Legislative House, as well as visitors. The building should have four floors in a total area of almost 12 thousand square meters, according to the master plan.


On Wednesday, 22, a group of people protested against the tender for the construction of a new annex building of the CMM and against the rental of 41 pickups. Last week, the Amazonas State Court attended a People’s Action filed by councilmen Amom Mandel and Rodrigo Guedes to stop the bidding process that continues in the Legislative House.

“This is not the time to squander public money with immoral construction, this is not the time to squander money from the people who have suffered so much in this time of pandemic, to favor only 41 people. Manaus is giant, the capital has immeasurable problems, for example, public transportation is chaotic. We don’t have basic sanitation, the infrastructure practically doesn’t exist. So, it’s not time to take this money in superfluous things, it’s time to look at the people of Manaus”, Ronilson Souza, one of the demonstrators who was present at the act, let it out.