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Luís Henrique Oliveira – From Magazine Cenarium
(*) Translation by Caroline Viegas

Even without scientific evidence, the Municipality of Manaus (PMM) is offering, in the municipal health network, the Ministry of Health’s medicines for early treatment of Covid-19. The Manaus Mayor, David Almeida, said that the Basic Health Units (UBS) are supplied with 22 medicines provided by the Federal Government.

The mayor, David Almeida, gave the information in the morning of last Monday, 11, during his speech at the event with Minister Eduardo Pazuello. David Almeida did not mention which drugs he is offering, but he made it clear that he is following the protocols of the Ministry of Health, which are the same stimulated by President Jair Bolsonaro.

Almeida also called to the Manaus population for Basic Units in the first symptoms so that they “have the proper treatment”. “In the conception of my technical team, composed of specialists and scientists, we have to treat the disease at the beginning and that is exactly what the Ministry of Health recommends”, he said.

According to David Almeida, Semsa offers 22 basic health units specifically for the treatment of the disease in Manaus.