In 100 years, two women are elected to command TJAM for the first time

Women assume for the first time at the same time the highest positions in TJAM (Art: Mateus Moura)
Ívina Garcia – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – The Court of Amazonas (TJAM) elected on Tuesday morning, 8, the judges Nélia Caminha Jorge, for the Presidency, and Joana dos Santos Meirelles, for the Vice-Presidency of the body. This is the first time, in 131 years, that the TJAM has two women ahead of the highest positions.

The new president and vice-president take office for the 2023-2024 biennium, starting their work on January 2, the date of their inauguration. This is also the first time that TJAM starts work in January, previously the inauguration occurred in July.

The change was decided by the plenary of the institution, in 2021, being subsequently approved by the Legislative Assembly and sanctioned, with the publication of State Supplementary Law No. 228/2022. The measure considered the principle of efficiency in public administration and the best application of the budget law when done simultaneously with the financial year, which in Brazil coincides with the calendar year.


And for the new management to take office in January, it was agreed that in the second half of 2022 the Court would be administered by a transition management, whose leaders are the judges Flávio Pascarelli, Graça Figueiredo and Anselmo Chíxaro, respectively president, vice-president and general mediator of Justice.

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