Justice determines that fake news about the AM governor’s administration be removed from the web

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MANAUS – The judge of the Court of Amazonas Gildo Alves de Carvalho Filho, on duty at the Central Civil Duty, determined that Facebook, Google, the state lawmaker Dermilson Chagas (Republicans) and the portals Zero Hora and O Povo Amazonense remove from the web and stop broadcasting fake news about the management of the governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima (União Brasil). The daily fine for failure to comply with the decision is R$ 5 thousand.

The untruthful information published and shared blamed the state government for ending, through the publication of Decree 45.111, January 17, 2022, with the reduction of the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services Rendered Interstate Transport, Intermunicipal and Communication (ICMS) for 22 products of the basic food basket.


“(…) I partially grant injunctive relief, in order to determine the defendants to refrain from disseminating information with the scope to hold the author responsible for the increase in the basic food basket and remove their profiles on social networking, namely Facebook, Youtube and blogs described, the publications on the subject (…), “says an excerpt from the document. (Check the full text at the end of the story)

Excerpt from the court decision (Reproduction)

The magistrate further emphasizes that the publications exceed the freedom of expression, “to the extent that value judgment was issued therein”. The judge also adds that the issue about the ICMS rate, as well as the modifications through Executive Power acts, should be analyzed by a competent court.

Excerpt from the court decision (Reproduction)

Fake news about Manaus Free Trade Zone

On Thursday, 5, amid the tense electoral scenario, the governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima (Union Brazil), published a video on social networks in response to the pre-candidate to the state government, former governor Amazonino Mendes (Citizenship), after being accused of “inept”.

Lima said Mendes would be spreading fake news against his administration in managing the crisis caused by decrees of the federal government that penalizes products manufactured by the Manaus Free Trade Zone (ZFM). Sought, the advisory of former governor Amazonino Mendes did not answer the questions about the accusation of fake news and limited itself to make political attacks.

“I want to warn of something very serious that is happening: are the fake news against me. To former governor Amazonino Mendes, don’t let electoral issues be above the truth, stop speaking lies about me. Do something real to defend the Manaus Free Trade Zone,” said Wilson Lima, in the video.

See the decision in full:

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