In pro coup speech, senator from Amazonas votes against intervention in Brasília

Senator Plínio Valério defended the non-intervention in Brasília's public security because he disagreed with the procedures and the competence of the intervenor (Reproduction/Waldemir Barreto/Senate Agency)
Mencius Melo – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – The senator for the Amazon, Mr. Plínio Valério (PSDB), used the social network Twitter, on Tuesday, 10, to explain why he voted against federal intervention in the public safety of the Federal District. The vote took place this Tuesday. He also showed solidarity with the terrorists arrested in the gymnasium of the National Police Academy (ANP), in Brasilia. “I abhor acts of violence, but I am against the persecution of innocent people who are without water and food”, the senator tweeted.

In his networks, Senator Plinio Valério said that the intervention in DF did not follow rites and that, therefore, he would vote against (Reproduction/Social Networks)

Also in his post, the representative of the Amazon in the Senate of the Republic keyed that voted against federal intervention in the public safety of the Federal District, after the attacks promoted by extreme right-wing terrorists to the buildings of the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary, on Sunday, 8. “To brazilians, especially the Amazonians, I explain why I voted against the intervention in the DF. It is unconstitutional”, he said, justifying: “The president did not listen to the Republic Council nor the Defense Council”, he argued.

For the lawyer and writer for CENARIUM MAGAZINE Anderson Fonseca, the measure is constitutional, but there are considerations. “It is constitutional due to the fact that it is provided for in the Constitution and is one of the measures available to the president of the Republic for cases of extreme gravity and attack on the Republic”, he explained. “The question is that measures of this nature are exceptional, the last resort to be used in a Republic, precisely because they compromise the autonomy of the states and the Federal District”, he observed.



Plínio Valério used the term: ‘innocents’ when referring to the terrorists arrested in Brasilia who, according to him, ‘are without water and food’ (Reproduction/Social Networks)

Still according to Mr. Fonseca, the order may have motivated the senator’s position. “I believe he understands that it is unconstitutional because it was not the last resort, but one of the first, besides the fact that the intervenor, according to him, has no experience. According to the rule, the intervention takes place in the area that needs repair, by a person technically competent to do so,” he described. But the procedure obeyed the rites. “The president submitted it to the House and then to the Senate, that is, according to the constitutional provision, he immediately submitted it to the Congress,” he summarized.

Federal intervention is foreseen in article 21 of the Constitution, which lists the Union’s powers, and is regulated by article 34, which specifies who can declare intervention and under what conditions. The measure was adopted by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva still on Sunday, 8. It was considered and voted by the National Congress, still under the rubble of the attacks perpetrated by Bolsonarist terrorists on Tuesday, 10.

Voting at cost

Senator Plinio Valério (PSDB) marks his performance in the Senate of the Republic with controversial positions. He was elected in 2018, in a close race with Mr. Luiz Castro, then of the Rede Sustentabilidade party, and Mr. Eduardo Braga (MDB). He arrived occupying the first vacancy, and Eduardo Braga took the second. He was sworn in in January 2019 and, since then, has appeared little in the media. His performance in the Senate brings together agendas such as the “printed ballot”. Another banner was the CPI of NGOs, to investigate the organizations, their resources, and actions.

In the recent voting of PEC 32/2022, called “PEC of Transition”, Plinio Valério also voted against. At the time, he also used social networks to explain his contrary vote. “I voted no to the ‘PEC fura teto’ because it is not only asking for what is fair. What is fair is Auxílio Brasil and Farmácia Popular. The PT is asking for much more than is necessary. My commitment is also with history”, declared Plínio Valério.

Of the major permanent commissions in the Senate, Mr. Plinio Valério only occupies a seat in the Environment Commission. According to the Federal Senate Portal, the parliamentarian made 33 speeches in 2022, 23 in 2021, 36 in 2020, and 76 in 2019. In 2022, Mr. Valério spent R$ 390,953.98 of the Senate’s resources. In 2021, it was R$ 335,710.69. In 2020, R$ 261,980.95 and, in 2019, R$ 296,932.06, making a total of R$ 1,285,578.90 in four years of performance.


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