Deliveryman assaulted in Manaus manifests himself after video repercussion: ‘What remains is the indignation’

Marcela Leiros – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – The deliveryman Henry expressed himself, in social networks, after the repercussion of a video that recorded the moment he was assaulted by a customer in front of the Institute of Women Dona Lindú, located in Adrianópolis, south-central zone of Manaus, on Saturday, 5. In publications and in a live of which he participated, Henry said he is outraged with the whole situation and that he feels the case will go unpunished. He also added the risks that the deliverers face in their daily lives.

“I had my back turned and didn’t expect an attack, we didn’t even exchange insults. He attacked me cowardly. His intention was to humiliate me and show that our profession is worthless. In our country there is no law and he will get away with it, which he didn’t. He didn’t pay my bag, didn’t pay the damages, and threatened me. Even if nothing has happened to me, the situation was of imminent danger”, he said during the live with businessman Fritz Paixão.

Born in Maranhão, Henry also explained that he has been living in Amazonas for about 14 years. He used to live in Presidente Figueiredo, municipality known as the “Land of Waterfalls”, 126 kilometers from Manaus. “I came here to get a job and to get my mother out of the bad situation we were in in the Northeast. She is a teacher and we know that the pay is not good. I had to come here in search of improvement”, he added.

Henry has a degree in Commercial Management and was taking a technical course in Aquaculture Engineering when the pandemic made it impossible for him to continue his studies. “Our future is unpredictable and I really wish that my town had visibility, so that we could stay there, subsist there”, he said emotionally.

“I learned a very important thing from my master: you never fight in the street. If you fight in the street, you get beaten up in the gym. So I am not one for aggression and violence. I pacific every time. What remains is the indignation: there will be no end to this violence, we need laws to regulate this profession, it is enough to run so many risks”, he concluded.

National repercussion

The scenes caused outrage in local authorities and even celebrities have spoken out against the violence suffered by Henry. The influencer David Brazil, who has 8.4 million followers, published the video and, outraged, questioned whether the aggressor has already been arrested. “Is this wretch already in jail?” he captioned the video.

The influencer David Brazil’s post had hundreds of comments (Reproduction/ Twitter)

The publication yielded thousands of comments. Other famous people, such as comedian Tom Cavalcante and presenter Antonia Fontenelle commented on the publication. “Brother, there are a lot of psychopaths among us! This planet is very evil”, said the homorist.

Comments on influencer David Brazil’s post (Reproduction/ Instagram)

Federal Judge Jaiza Pinto Fraxe also added on Twitter that “bodily injury is a crime” and called on them to stop assaulting delivery men. “Stop assaulting meal deliverers. Many are 12 hours straight flying on a bike for you to eat well. They are workers just like us! They deserve respect, empathy and dignity”, she posted.

Understand the case

In the video, recorded by a woman who witnessed the whole situation, the delivery man is thrown to the ground and soon after is immobilized. “Hey, young man, let him go. He’s just doing his job, don’t do that”, she says. The customer looks at the woman and says he is aware of the aggression.

“He’s assaulting me because I’m trying to get paid and he doesn’t want to pay me. Film him, lady”, asks the motoboy. “I told you I was going to pass the Pix”, says the customer. The delivery man then contests that he has been waiting 20 minutes and has not received. “I was going to go back to the woman’s house where I picked it up, but he’s assaulting me”, says the delivery man.

The motoboy asks for help from those around, but until the end of the filming nobody intervenes against the man’s truculent action. The worker even asks people who witnessed the aggression to call the police.

The customer then points his finger and says that the delivery man would only leave if he gave the order he requested. The next moment, the man rips off the boy’s delivery bag and pulls out the items with great force. The people tell him he couldn’t do that, and he sneers. “What’ can’t you? I have money to pay for it. And here’s my stuff. He doesn’t want to wait for the Pix”, he sneers.

The woman responds by saying that transfers via Pix come immediately. Then, the client picks up his things and enters the hospital.


In a statement, the Civil Police of the Amazon reported that on Saturday, 5, an occurrence report (BO) was registered in the 1st Integrated Police District (DIP), when a garrison of the Military Police of Amazonas (PMAM), presented, in the police unit, Alexandre Campos Pereira, of 33 years, by way of fact committed against the deliveryman.

Further clarification pointed out that Henry was delivering an order of newborn clothes for Alexandre, when the customer tried to make payment via Pix, however, without success, because the system was with a problem. Alexandre then made half the payment of R$ 6, in cash, and the other part would be via Pix, also in the same amount, but failed.

According to the BO, the delivery man did not want to wait and could not deliver the product without payment. So, Alexandre went to the victim and knocked over her motorcycle. The police were called to attend the occurrence, and later referred the individuals to the 1st DIP.

According to the delegate Marcos Arruda, head of the police unit, Alexander signed a Circumstantiated Term of Occurrence (TCO) and was released.


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